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The professional storytellers at Storylink Radio have been around for a long time!
The Irish knew storytellers by the name Seanchaí (shawn-a-key)
We are committed to bringing stories to Life through the spoken word as in traditional oral storytelling. We present stories of many genres...
Ancient Legend & Myth, short stories, full length novels, science fiction & high fantasy, philosophy, traditions, drama, fiction, non-fiction, romance, Shakespearean, ghosts & haunts, and more!

Our stories may be drawn from contemporary sources, or from some dusty near-forgotten tome. Regardless it is a treat like no other to listen to the stories & tales presented in a "live" format with the emotion and feeling a true professional storyteller brings. This is not the stifled, sanitized "perfection" that can be found in many today's audiobooks. 
(Though many of our storytellers offer high-quality audiobooks on Amazon and Audible!)

It is important to point out - the Seanchai's job is much more than for purely entertainment purposes. The Seanchai is the custodian of stories and traditions in need of preservation, and possesses the skill to ignore the inhibitions of modern day stifled conversations and instead focuses their attention on presenting those of us with keen ears - with the stories of the past, sometimes the present and, perhaps, even of what's to come. 

The infectious tones that we hear from their lips allow us to momentarily slip away from the modern day and very real world and conjure up images of Yesterday, Tomorrow, and Fantasy.

So enter here, and let us be your Seancha√≠ for a time!