Seanchai Library's Storytellers and creative folk bring a you a very special place to visit this autumnal season...

The Raven's Chamber offers around the clock presentations of Edgar Allan Poe's famous poem of loss, love, and regret 'The Raven'. 

The poem is presented on two local audio streams by many different storytellers and readers... 
PLUS two more streams provide descriptive audio of the Raven's Chamber Experience AND 24/7 presentations of many more of Edgar Allan Poe's works from numerous storytellers.

The 'Traditional' Stream - in which the words and general presentation follow the Poe's original.
The 'Riff' Stream - which offers various unusual presentations of the poem highlighting the influences this piece has created.

In addition to the audio presentation there is a continuous running slide show of Gustav Dore's hauntingly beautiful illustrations created in posthumous collaboration with Poe in 1854 especially for this poem.

This is an Immersive and Interpretative experience as well. There are many clickable items offering interpretive opportunities and information about the mythos behind and surrounding this piece, and it's effects on popular culture over the last 165 years. There is also a descriptive audio stream describing the features of the Raven's Chamber Experience.

The exhibit is open now and we would love for you to come visit and experience this masterpiece.

We thrive on feedback and we would really appreciate you sharing your thoughts about this exhibit on whatever social media outlet you may use.

It is early in the season yet, and The Seanchai Library storytellers and builders are continuing to enhance the exhibit, with more presentations and goodies being added daily, so you may wish to visit often.

There many freebies offered here and will be many more as we continue into the season. Cool things like Lenore's Tombstone, an everwatching Raven, a bottle of Nepenthe, bust of Pallas, illustrations for your home, and much more.

We will also be giving away three copies of the Audiobook 'Forevermore', a detective story about the mysterious circumstances surrounding Edgar Allan Poe's untimely death narrated by Seanchai Library's own storyteller Shandon Loring. Three lucky visitors over the season will be awarded a coupon code to download this audiobook direct from Audible.
(if you have never listened to an audiobook we can offer you a free acccount
and a free book of your choice to get you started)

We do hope you'll have an opportunity to visit us.

If you have questions, need resources, or study guides, or would like more information please contact Shandon Loring inworld on either grid, or email at

You are most welcome to use this area for a discussion group or listening party or some other cool thing, we'd love to know what you come up with!

Just a few of the interpretative features include:
- A Raven poem vocabulary scroll discussing meaning, origins, and usage of the unique vocabulary in Raven
- Artistic discussions of The Raven
- Symbolism of the many features of the poem such as 'the bust of Pallas'
- History and usage of "nepenthe" across cultures and through the ages
- A lively commentary on the symbolism of Lenore and who she is/was, and her status in the corporeal vs ethereal worlds

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