Seanchai In Kitely

The Seanchai Library has already established property in Kitely, presently consists of a 4-sim Megaregion World that serves as the central hub for Seanchai Library activities. Additionally we have eight standalone 1-sim themed Worlds that are connected via Hypergates to the central Seanchai Library world.

The central world is named simply Seanchai and contains the Seanchai Library building, and presently twelve individual themed storytelling venues, with much room for expansion and adaptation. This world is public and open to all Kitely residents. All venues are accessible from a central teleport hub at the Library building utilizing single-touch warp portals arranged in a kiosk manner. Each venue has a TP Pylon providing a single-touch return trip to the Library and the central hub.

Guests are encouraged to wander freely about the property exploring and discovering. Additional TP Pylons placed throughout the Property facilitate easy travel back to the central hub at the Library.

There are presently twelve Storytelling Venues on the Seanchai World including Campfire Ring, Ghostly Pirate Bay, Undersea Discovery, Volcano Island, Celtic Castle Ruins, and others. Each Venue provides an immersive environment for the story-listening audience, and each is parceled to be capable of supporting simultaneous events concurrent with events at the other Venues.

Small skyboxes at Seanchai are connected to the Storylink Radio Channel providing recorded stories from our Storytellers 24 hours a day.

Presently Seanchai has eight additional Themed Worlds. Themed Worlds provided a fully immersive experience for Storytelling events. Worlds are reachable via Hypergates from Seanchai Library. Hypergates require the Guest to simply walk through a Gate and be instantly teleported to the connected World. It is not necessary to click on anything, nor handle landmarks, nor access maps.  The landing zone at each World has a return Hypergate immediately visible upon entering the world. The return Hypergate provides instant travel back to the Seanchai Library hub world.

Each world can be multi-parceled to support concurrent story events and changeable environmental conditions.

Each world offers features unique to that theme, including themed ‘freebie’ shopping to allow Guests to prepare themselves, if they so desire, to become part of the experience. Avatars, clothing, jewelry, accessories, etc. are available for free, along with many other items useful in day-to-day virtual life.

At present these Themed Worlds include the following:

Westworld – complete sim-wide western town with Mercantile, General Store, Saloon, Hotel, Church, Cemetery, and many theme-appropriate surprises.

Spaceworld – sim-wide lunar experience including space station outpost, travel center, info center, space mall shopping, atmospheric biosphere, and many theme-appropriate surprises.

Swampworld – sim-wide swampy bayou experience including extensive grounds and a multi-storied fully furnished old mansion with numerous verandas and storytelling areas. Also includes many theme-appropriate surprises.

Beachworld – a full-sim of sandy beaches with a central activity building. Lots of sand, water, and a surfable wave! Also includes many theme-appropriate surprises.

Winterworld – a full-sim of winter and snow! Snow, glaciers, iceskating, a large avatar shopping store. Also includes many theme-appropriate surprises.

Celticworld – a full-sim of green rolling hills, towering cliffs, rolling seas, and dramatic landscapes. Castles, ruins, shamrocks, forests and more provide the backdrop and setting for several unique immersive venues. Themed freebie shopping of course, and many theme-appropriate surprises.

Octoberworld – a full-sim of autumn, October, and Halloween delights. From pumpkin pie to hay rides and moonlit nights. Plus of course many spookie and eerie storytelling venues. Theme appropriate surprises and shopping opportunities abound.

Waterworld – except for a couple very tiny archipeligos this sim is totally submerged under 100m of water, with the sea level set well above norm. Visitors materialize underwater and the sea monsters, quiet lagoons, fish and other denizens take it from there. Lots to explore, and secrets and treasure to discover. The dim environment allows for numerous isolated storytelling venues.

Never Fear! Our faithful guests over the years have come to know and enjoy the Classic Seanchai Library experience. This is where all stories take place in the Library building proper, and themes and sets are applied directly to the Library. We believe a Library is a ‘Portal to Otherworlds’ so it is always exciting to see the creative transformations our Storytellers apply within the confines of the Library. We will continue to offer this experience while using the platform of a virtual world to further explore the potential of immersive story environments.

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